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Remove Rust From A Wrought Iron Fence And Protect It From Additional Damage

If the wrought iron fence that surrounds your pool or yard has rust on its surface, learn how to remove it with the following steps. Once you have restored the fence to its original condition, learn how to protect its surface from damage in the future. 

Use The Following Materials

  • bucket of soapy water
  • scrub brush 
  • water hose
  • wire brush
  • hand sander 
  • low and fine grit sandpaper
  • naval jelly
  • towel
  • rust inhibiting spray
  • vinyl tarp

​Clean The Fence And Remove Rust

Remove dirt from the fence with soapy water and a scrub brush. Rinse the surface off well with a water hose. Wait for the fence to dry completely. Use a wire brush to remove large rust spots on the fence. Press down firmly while moving the brush across each spot. After the rust stops flaking off, attach a piece of low grit sandpaper to a hand sander. Move the sander over any rust spots that remain.

If you have difficulty removing some of the rust spots, apply naval jelly to each one. Naval jelly will help dissolve the rust. Leave the jelly on the rust spots for several minutes so that it penetrates the iron surface. Wipe over them with the wire brush. Lightly sand the spots where the rust previously was until they feel smooth. Rinse the fence's surface off with a water hose to remove dust that was left behind by the sanding process. Dry the fence off well with a towel.

Protect The Fence From Rust

Place a vinyl tarp next to the fence. Apply a even coat of rust inhibiting spray to the iron surface. Stand back from the fence several inches as you are applying it so that the spray does not drip. Move the tarp further down as you continue covering the fence so that the grass and plants growing around the fence are not exposed to the spray. The spray will take a couple hours to dry. The actual length of time depends upon how much of the product is added and the temperature outside.

After the spray dries, rust will not form on fence's surface after it is exposed to moisture. Keep the fence well-maintained by cleaning its surface off regularly with soapy water and a scrub brush. Remove stains quickly so that they do not penetrate through the metal surface. Reapply a new coat of rust inhibiting spray every few years to keep the fence's surface protected from rust and moisture-related damage.

If your fence is in need of extensive repairs or replacement, contact a fence company like Crown Fence Co.

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