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Fiberglass Fences Are Great For Any Yard

Many people add a simple fence to their yard to mark off their property and separate it from their neighbors. A fence can also make your yard more useful and safe if you have children and pets. You grass lawn will be all the more enjoyable if you can enjoy with a little more safety and privacy. Exterior fences are made out of many different materials, like wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. This article will focus on why fiberglass is a great fencing material.

Fiberglass is Waterproof

Fiberglass is a perfectly waterproof material that is not subject to moisture damage. Wood will warp when it is exposed to too much moisture, and metal can obviously rust. Both of these defects can lead to the deterioration of the fence's structural integrity. Fiberglass can be bombarded with rain, without showing any signs of wear. In fact, the easiest way to clean a fiberglass fence is to spray it with a pressure washer.

Fiberglass Never Needs to be Treated

Besides the basic cleaning, fiberglass does not need to be treated in any way. It does not need to be conditioned, painted, stained or sealed. Some materials, like wood, need to be sealed every few years to protect against water damage. Fiberglass is painted with electrostatic techniques, so the paint is strongly bonded with the fiberglass. Of course, fiberglass paint could be scratched, but it is very unlikely. Patching scratches in fiberglass is easy if you buy a simple fiberglass patch kit.

Fiberglass Fences are Easier to Install

Many fences need to be built slat by slat and picket by picket. This is because materials like wood are heavy, so it is more practical to buy all the materials separately. Fiberglass fences are usually sold already assembled in sections. These section are usually between 4' and 6'. This makes the installation much easier, even if you are not a construction expert. Some people install their fiberglass fence on their own to save a little bit of money on the project.

Lastly, you should be aware that fiberglass fences are available in a variety of different colors. You do not have to settle for a white fence. You might want to choose a color that matches with other trim colors around your house. This will make the fence look like it was custom designed to fit your home. It is a great way to make your property stand out! Contact a local fencing contractor, like Gatlin Fence Company, for more information.

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