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Finishing A Railing On An Elevated Deck Without Disrupting The View

Having an elevated deck on your home can provide you with additional living space and a comfortable area to enjoy the outdoor scenery. The railings around your deck are crucial to ensure optimum safety while on the deck, but they can also intrude on the view from the deck. If you have a deck and want a less-intrusive form of railing, you have a few options to consider.

Structural Elements

The main structural elements of the railing, like the handrail and the support posts should be the first element to be given consideration. You will need these elements to support the material that you choose to finish the railing. Choose the material, shape, size and color that looks best with the design of the deck.

Finishing the Railing

After the structural elements are selected, choose the material that you will use to finish the railing. The gaps between the posts must be filled to prevent falls from the deck. What can you use to enclose the deck without disrupting the view?

Plexiglas – a great solution for providing optimum safety without any disruption in the view. The Plexiglas can be cut to fit the gaps perfectly.

Note: If you like the Plexiglas look, you can have entire railings made to fit your deck without handrails and bulky posts. This will create a nearly invisible railing to enclose your deck.

Wire Cable – more affordable than Plexiglas and nearly as invisible. Choose a cable size that is relatively small, for example 1/8 inch. This will provide the strength needed for safety, but will not disrupt the view. This project is fairly easy to do on your own. Simply drill holes through the posts and run the wire cable through the holes. Use a bolt at the end post to hold the cable wire in place.

Goat Wire – this is a type of fencing often used to enclose livestock pens. It comes in different sizes so you can find the size that is tall enough to enclose the area between the handrail and the platform of the deck. It is easily installed using heavy-duty staples or tack nails.

Rope – can provide an interesting element to your home while providing the safety needed on an elevated deck. The rope is run through holes that are drilled through the posts and connected at the end using a hook and loop connection.

Talk with your local railing contractor to find out more about enclosing your deck without disrupting the view. He or she will be able to guide you to the best solution for your railing issue.

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