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Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard With Modular Leaf Panels

Do you love the look of greenery but suffer from having a brown thumb? Maybe you want to improve your backyard and spend more time there, but you don't want to have to do a lot of gardening or maintenance. Modular leaf panels can give you the look you want without a lot of upkeep.

Artificial leaf panels are available that look like different kinds of plants, including ivy, boxwood and ficus. Most types are resistant to water and UV rays, so they'll keep looking good for a long time. You can even stick artificial flowers into the foliage to give the panels a splash of color. 

Here are five things you can do with these versatile panels to make your yard a lot more fun.

1. Add privacy to a fence.

The foliage panels are difficult to see through, so they make an excellent addition to a fence that may currently have some open areas. Perhaps you liked the see-through design of your fence initially, but circumstances have changed—nosy neighbors, maybe?—and now you just want that lattice work covered by something attractive. 

2. Create an instant hedge.

You'd like the look of an English garden with a green hedge to make your yard area feel more cozy. But actually planting a hedge could take years to mature and give you that look you're going for. Plus, then you'll have to prune it into shape, and that could be tough to do. Instead, create the look of a hedge by putting artificial leaf panels over a fence. No fence? You can make a hedge-like shape with heavy-duty chicken wire installed in a large planter, then cover with foliage panels. Make a couple or several to meet your needs.

3. Make a cover for your air conditioner.

Let's face it—the back of your air conditioner is not the most attractive view. Make a box from leaf panels and install it around the AC unit. Be sure to leave plenty of space around the unit so it can continue to operate efficiently; your owner's manual should have information about the clearance you'll need to leave for the air conditioner to function. A bonus is that you can protect your air conditioner when it's not in use. This works well for electrical boxes and other similar items, too.

4. Hide ugly siding or wall areas.

You can imagine going out on the patio with a cup of coffee and a good book, but the only view would be the back of your carport. Install modular foliage panels over the back of the wall to give it texture and visual interest.

5. Build a privacy screen that sections off part of your yard.

Want a special, cozy area where you can relax? Use modular foliage panels to create a privacy screen that can sit on your patio or deck. You can make them portable so you aren't limited to having them in one place. This can make sunbathing more comfortable too, especially if your yard is easily visible from the road or the neighbor's property.

Modular leaf panels are relatively easy to install, but it may not be a project you have the time or desire to tackle yourself. Talk to your fencing contractor for more information about these panels and the cost of having them professionally installed.

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