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Koi Pond? 3 Reasons Why You May Want To Put Up A Fence

Installing a Koi pond is a grand undertaking. In addition to digging up your yard and installing the liner and a hefty filtration system, you also have to work on the landscape around your pond. Flowers, rocks, stepping stones and a fountain or waterfall are all ideal for pond landscaping. However, there is something else you may want to consider: a fence. Following are three reasons you might want to incorporate a fence into your pond's landscape design. 


Nearly 400 young children drown in small bodies of water, such as pools and spas, each year. While grim, this reality has led many municipalities to establish laws that requires homeowners to build a satisfactory barrier fence around their pool. However, most ponds are not covered under such ordinances, so building a fence may not be compulsory in your case. But that doesn't meant that Koi ponds are not dangerous. A pond built to the size and depth that's appropriate for Koi is of sufficient size to pose a significant hazard to children. You owe it to the safety of your children, grandchildren and neighborhood children to do all you can to minimize the risk of accidental drowning.


Some critters, such as cats and raccoon, will attack and eat the fish in your pond if they have a chance to get at them. And the destruction they cause can be devastating. In addition to killing several fish at once, these critters can also destroy and uproot your aquatic plants, such as lilies and hyacinth. Once they have access to the free buffet that's otherwise known as your pond, they will continue to return and wreak havoc. While a fence won't deter all predators, like birds of prey, it will keep out some of the most persistent and destructive of the bunch. 


Koi ponds are ideal for Zen gardens and serene flower gardens. If you live close to your neighbors, however, your commune with nature may be disrupted if they are also outside. To ensure complete privacy and keep others from intruding, build a privacy fence. For extra noise reduction, you may want to think about planting large plants, such as trees and bushes, on the inside of the fence.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you might want to think about putting a fence around your Koi pond. Fences are ideal for protecting children as well as your fish. They even give you a great deal of privacy while adding a special touch to your outdoor space. Contact a company like Hunt's Fencing for more information.

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