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Got A Backyard Aluminum Fence And Nosy Neighbors? How To Give Yourself Some Privacy

Aluminum fencing is durable and low in maintenance, and you have many colors to choose from, such as silver, bronze, white, and black. If you have installed an aluminum fence to enclose your backyard but have some nosy neighbors, there are things you can do to give you and your family some privacy while enjoying your backyard, including the two things below. 

Use Privacy Slats

You will also hear privacy slats referred to as privacy panels. Aluminum privacy fence slats can be used no matter the height or length of your fencing. They are generally easy to install, as most have pre-punched holes and you will need no tools.  You can choose completely solid slats or find some that have small spaces so you can still see out of them but have a little privacy also, such as lattice slats.

Vinyl panels are commonly used because vinyl requires little maintenance, and the vinyl can be made to mimic other materials, such as wrought iron. You will also never have to stain or paint vinyl, and is easy to clean with a garden hose and some soap. Wood panels can also be used, but they do require maintenance, such as repainting or restaining once per year, as well as inspecting the boards and replacing any that have rotted.  In some cases, you can open one or more slats easily when you do not need privacy, or just want to have a view.

Use Landscaping

You can use flowers and other plantings to add privacy to your fence and give you a beautiful view. Plant climbing roses to offer a little privacy, or plant a climbing vine that will climb up the fence, such as Boston ivy. Plant a line of evergreen shrubs along the fence. When planting these, make sure you space them out correctly. These spacing requirements should be on the plant tags. You will be surprised to find that you can find evergreen shrubs that boast beautiful flowers.

There are also some fast growing shrubs you can choose including:

  • Cotoneaster
  • Redtwig Dogwood
  • Mock orange
  • Lilacs
  • Forsythia
  • Pussy Willow

Consider the sun requirements of what you plant. For example, some shrubs and flowers require full sun while others grow better in the shade. The garden center employee can help you with this if needed.

Talk with your fencing contractor (such as one from Fence-It) who can give you many more ideas about fencing privacy slats, as well as other ideas on how you can have more privacy. 

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