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Vinyl Fencing: A Safe And Convenient Option For Homeowners With Kids

When you have kids, fencing in your backyard can offer a greater sense of security and privacy. However, it's important to choose the best type of fence for your kids. Vinyl fencing works well for many homeowners with kids. Here's a closer look at its benefits.

It won't splinter.

Wood fencing can splinter, which means your kids may end up with painful slivers or scrapes if they brush against the fence or decide to touch it. Metal fencing can sometimes have sharp edges or pokey points that can injure kids, too. Vinyl, however, is smooth to the touch and does not develop splinters as it ages, making it a safer choice.

You don't need to seal it or paint it.

Kids love to put things in their mouths. You might not think they'd lick a fence, but who knows what game they could come up with when playing with friends! There's also a chance they will lick their fingers after touching the fence. With a wooden fence, you'll need to apply sealant and stain periodically. This could pose a danger to your child if they end up ingesting it. Rust-proofing sprays and paints that are necessary for protecting metal fencing aren't great for kids, either.

A vinyl fence does not need any regular treatment, so if your kids decide to lick it, they may ingest a little dirt – but nothing more sinister. Plus, not having to seal the fence saves you time, which is always great when you're a busy parent chasing kids around.

It's tough to climb.

Even "solid" wooden fences are made of narrow planks and typically have a horizontal plank or two stretching across them. Agile kids can easily climb these fences, which could be dangerous. Metal fences, too, typically have rungs that could be used as footholds. A solid vinyl fence, however, really is made from a few solid panels. There's not typically any place for your kids to place their feet and climb easily – and you can look carefully at different fence models to ensure you pick one that's hard to climb.

Vinyl fencing comes in many different colors and styles, so talk with a local fencing company to see what your options are. Make sure you choose a tall height, such as six feet or more, to protect your privacy fully. Regardless of which style you choose, you can count on it being a safe choice for your children. For more information about your fencing options, contact a company like Garrett Industries Inc.

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