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Four Dog Fence Ideas To Keep Your Pet From Leaving The Backyard

If you like to let your dog run outside in your backyard, but don't want them to run away, then you need to get a fence. Depending on the temperament of your dog, as well as the area you live in, you will need a different style of fence. Here are 4 examples of dog fence designs and some information about their particular benefits and drawbacks.

Invisible Fence

If you don't like the look of a real, physical fence, then you should consider having an invisible fence installed. These work using an electronic system that will give the dog a tiny shock when they venture pass the boundaries of the fence. The dog will have to wear a wireless collar connected to the fence signal points. When the dog steps over the invisible boundaries, it signals the collar to give a little shock. The dog will eventually learn to steer clear of the boundaries of the fence.

The drawback to this fence is if you live in a neighborhood with lots of other dogs. If you also want to keep stray dogs off your property, then this fence won't work. The stray dogs won't have the collar on, so it won't prevent them from running into your yard.

Split Rail Fence With Chicken Wire

This is a classic style of dog fence. The split rail fence is made with two horizontal rails running between posts. In order to make it a dog fence, chicken wire will be attached to the rails so that the dogs can't jump in between the spaces in the rails. These fences are great because they will keep dogs out, as well as keep your dog in. They are also great for dogs that dig because the chicken wire can be sunk down into the dirt to prevent dogs from digging a hole.

Vinyl Picket Fence

If you prefer the look of a classic picket fence, then you should consider a vinyl picket fence. The pickets should be set close together so that your dog can't squeeze through. The downside to these fences is that outside dogs can see in. While they won't be able to get into the yard, this will create a noise issue if your dog likes to bark every time they see a strange person or dog.

Cedar Stockade Fence

If you want a fence that will provide lots of privacy, as well as keep your dog inside your yard, then choose a cedar stockade fence. These fences don't allow any visibility from your yard to the outside street. This means that strange dogs won't see in, and your dog wont see out. Likewise, if you have neighbors and want some privacy for you and your family while you are in your backyard, then this is the perfect choice.

Because they are wood and not vinyl, they do require some maintenance (restraining every few years) but it is a small price to pay for a beautiful wooden fence like Invisible Fence Brand by Coyner Associates.

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