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Comparing Vinyl And Wooden Fences

Do you want to add a white picket fence to your front yard to add some safety and privacy? If so, you need to consider the various material options. Most people immediately think of wood when they think of picket fence styles. In fact, vinyl is another great option for small fences. This article explains the various advantages of choosing vinyl over wood for a small picket fence.

A Modular Design

One of the best features of vinyl fence products is the fact that they are mostly modular. This means that the pieces can largely be attached to each other without any screws or fasteners. The posts have prefabricated holes and slots that the rails fit right into. They can usually be attached and secured without any tools at all. Wooden fences, on the other hand, often need to be screwed and glued together. Not only does this mean that the initial installation is a little more complicated, it also means that is a little harder to make repairs.

A More Durable Finish 

The finish on a vinyl fence is much more fade resistant than that on a wooden fence. Wooden fences are painted with traditional exterior wood paint, which needs to be renewed every few years. If you live in a particularly damp climate, you will need to renew it even more often. Vinyl, on the other hand is painted using electrostatic techniques. This finish is more durable and much more fade resistant. In reality, you never need to repaint or refinish a vinyl fence. That being said, the permanence of vinyl also means that you cannot repeat your fence, even if you want to change the color. If you do have a vinyl fence, the best way to change the color is to actually invest in new post and rails.

A Waterproof Finish

The durable finish on vinyl is also great for picket fences because it is 100% waterproof. Best of all, you don't need to use any sealants to keep it that way. Wooden fences need to be refinished every few years. A waterproof vinyl fence will be able to withstand normal rain, as well as moisture from the sprinklers.

If you are looking for a low maintenance fence, vinyl is definitely a more practical option than wood. In reality, the styles look very similar, but vinyl is generally shinier than wood. Luckily, you can find vinyl products that have prints and finishes to replicate real wood.

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