Making A Better Fence

How To Choose The Perfect Backyard Fence

A fence can make or break a backyard. You need a fence that fits with the aesthetic of the property but is also functional and, of course, is within your budget. But the sheer number of options often means that simply choosing a type of fence can be overwhelming. So if you're having trouble deciding what type of fence to get for your backyard, take a look at some options below, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Bamboo Fences

Bamboo fences are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who value privacy above all else. They are often much taller than conventional fences, with the bamboo tied tightly together to create solid panels that keep out prying eyes. Natural bamboo is an extremely durable and environmentally friendly material, but take a larger chunk out of your wallet than other fencing options. Artificial bamboo is similarly durable, but a little less expensive. Regardless of which you choose, a bamboo fence can be a clean, natural addition to your private backyard space. 

Wood Fences

If you live in a rural area and have horses, wood fences may be the most popular option around. Most wood fences come in two, three or four board varieties and virtually any color you can think of. They are usually inexpensive and look far better than chain link or electric fences that some properties may use to keep in livestock. The major downside of wooden fences is the constant upkeep they require. If you do opt for a wooden fence, you can expect to paint and refinish it regularly, and occasionally deal with portions of the fence that have rotted through. For this reason, vinyl horse fences have begun to rise in popularity, and have become a legitimate, low maintenance alternative. 

Iron Fences

Another popular backyard fencing option is wrought iron fencing. The number of styles and ornamental options are almost limitless with iron fencing, but most are perfectly suited to the average backyard. They can also be used to surround a pool, which is an important concern for parents of young children who might accidentally stumble and fall into the water. They don't afford the privacy of a bamboo fence, but if you all you require is a simple fencing solution that doesn't make for a lot of time consuming upkeep, then a basic wrought iron fence may be the best choice for you. 

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