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Commercial Fencing: How To Properly Secure School Yards

Every parent worries about their children when they drop them off at school. This worry used to be focused on whether or not they would behave, how well they would do in class and how many friends they would make. Those are still concerns, but the added worry of dangerous predators around schools is legitimate. Every school administration is aware of the responsibility they bear for keeping children safe on their property and that is why properly securing every play area fencing is so important. 

Selecting the Material

Choosing the right fencing material is important because no one wants their school grounds to look like a maximum security prison. There are many durable options that are secure without looking too industrial. Brick and cast iron are durable and beautiful options, but often too expensive for the average public school. Wood and vinyl are attractive, but the amount of maintenance they need must be considered before purchasing. Chain link is the most common option because it is affordable, strong, and fast to install. It also requires very little maintenance.  Upgrading to welded wire mesh rather than traditional chain link will raise the cost, but it provides a very secure option. Vinyl coated metal fences are available for welded mesh and chain link and the coating is offered in multiple colors. 

Considering the Height

Fence panels should be high enough to make it uncomfortable for intruders or children to climb over. Panels that are 8 feet tall are a good option, but a 6-foot fence with thorny vines and bushes growing around it can prove to be equally as deterring to climbers from the outside or active students as well. There are many attractive, flowering vines and bushes that can add visual appeal as well as an added layer of safety.

Remembering Gate Access

It is important for a gated school yard to have at least one or two exterior exits in case of an emergency. The most secure lock option for fence gates is installing an electromechanical door lock on every exterior gate. These are locked and unlocked with either remotes, card readers, or digital keypads. The administration office can have control from inside the building and, when used in conjunction with security cameras mounted at the gate, can control who enters and exits the yard safely. 

Fences help to keep active kids contained in the play area where they are supposed to be and prevent anyone that does not legitimately need to be in the yard from coming inside. A fence also helps to control the foot traffic the properties neighboring the school will experience on their own lawns. It is a simple product that will provide years of security and reduce the worry for parents and the educators responsible for supervising the students.

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