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Breaking Down The Pros And Cons Of Three Fencing Materials

Are you annoyed by people walking across your yard, or that your yard is not secure for your pets and kids? If so, it may be time to install a fence around your property. It can be a big decision trying to figure out which material to use. Here are the pros and cons of several types of fencing materials.


It does not matter what kind of wood fence you build, such as a tall panel fence or picket fence, the pros and cons will be the same. Panel fences give you plenty of privacy and sound dampening from the street, but the wood won't last a long as other materials in humid climates. You will need to do plenty of maintenance to the wood to keep it looking great, such as sanding, staining, and painting. While the material looks beautiful, expect wood to have the shortest lifespan of all fencing materials.


The great thing about iron is that it comes in many styles. You can purchase iron fencing that has simple iron posts to be affordable, or posts that are more ornamental with intricate designs that are sure to impress anybody that sees the fence. The one downfall of an iron fence is that the material doesn't offer any privacy. It is good for keeping people off your lawn or pets and animals contained, but anybody will be able to see into your yard. The fencing does have some flexibility. You can paint it a new color if you want to change things up. That said, maintaining the color will require some maintenance. If you do not care about privacy and want a fence that looks beautiful, ornamental iron fencing is right for you.

Chain Link

Many homeowners select chain link because it is a cost effective solution to fence off a yard. Not only is the material cheap, but there is barely anything you need to do to maintain it. The material lasts a long time with minimum care, which are two things that homeowners dream of. However, the fence isn't the nicest looking material to pick from. You can change it up by putting privacy slats between the chain link material, but it still looks low quality compared to wood or other materials.

Think you've decided on the fencing material that is best for you? Work with a fencing contractor that can help with the purchasing and installation of it.

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