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4 Fence Improvement Ideas To Give You Privacy And Practicality

There are many different improvements that can be done to your fence to add privacy, but what if they were also practical solutions? Some of the fence solutions that you may want to consider for privacy and practicality include vertical gardens, built-in seating and lighting for posts. Here are some of the improvements to give your fence privacy and practicality.

1. Electrical Wiring to Provide Lighting for Outdoor Space

Electrical wiring is a great improvement to consider for your fencing if you are creating an outdoor living space. It is a solution that can be used to create electrical installations that you can use outdoors. You can also add features to the fence, such as lighting for post caps that helps illuminate your new outdoor space. Install the wiring and conduit when you have your new privacy fence installed.

2. Vertical Gardens That Provide Privacy and Vegetables

One of the modern trends that are being done on the exteriors of home and on fencing is vertical gardens. If you want to add privacy to your home with practical fencing solutions, consider using vegetables and herbs for your vertical garden, which you will be able to harvest for use in the kitchen.

3. Integrating Backyard Seating into The Design of Fencing

Seating is something that you will want to have in your backyard if you are doing an outdoor living space project. You can talk to a fence service about some of the different options to create built-in seating features when you have a new privacy fence installed for your home. Talk to them about the different options for materials and custom seating features that can be added to your new fence.

4. Incorporating Storage Solutions into Your Privacy Fence Design

Having enough storage around your home is something that you always want to improve on. When you have a fence installed, this gives you a great opportunity for storage solutions. In addition, creating an enclosure area around an AC will also help protect it, improve the appearance of landscaping and provide a solution for storage. Talk with your fence contractor about the different options for having storage solutions installed with your fence.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider giving your fence privacy and practicality. If you need help with some of these improvements to your home, contact your local aluminum fencing services and discuss some of these ideas with them. 

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