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Benefits of Installing a Temporary Chain-Link Fence Around Your Construction Site

If you have recently started up a construction company, you may wonder if there is a better option for marking off the perimeter of a site than a thin, nylon barrier that is easily torn or taken down. If so, consider the following benefits of installing a temporary chain-link fence around your construction site.

Increases Security at Your Site

If you use a thing nylon barrier around your construction site, it will not do much to protect your equipment and supplies. Even if a thief is not able to simply step over it, they would not need much more than a sharp knife to cut a slit and walk through the barrier.

However, if you have a chain-link fence surrounding the site, a thief will have a harder time going over or through the fence. And, even if they are able to somehow jump the fence, they would not be able to drive away with the equipment because of the solid stainless steel construction of the fence. And if you are concerned about thieves climbing over the fence, there are options to deter them from doing so. You could have the top lined with barbed wire or razor ribbon. Just the sight of either of these sharp toppings is enough to make a thief stay out.

Keeps Outsiders Out

Even when you are on the construction site, you do not want any passersby walking into hazardous areas. If you use a nylon barrier, it could be blown down and covered with dust or debris.

Someone could then walk or drive onto the site unknowingly because the perimeter is no longer clearly marked. Especially if you are working with heavy equipment or supplies, they may be at risk of injury, for which you would be liable because the site was not properly marked.

However, if you have a chain-link fence instead of the nylon barrier, you do not have to worry about it being easily knocked down. The durable fence will withstand wind and most impacts so that it remains as a clear and certain perimeter marker to let outsiders know to keep away from the area.

After considering the benefits of installing a chain-link fence over a thin nylon barrier, you may be ready to learn more about the process. Contact a fence contractor who offers commercial chain-link fencing installation to discuss any options available to you and your business.

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