Making A Better Fence

Koi Pond? 3 Reasons Why You May Want To Put Up A Fence

Installing a Koi pond is a grand undertaking. In addition to digging up your yard and installing the liner and a hefty filtration system, you also have to work on the landscape around your pond. Flowers, rocks, stepping stones and a fountain or waterfall are all ideal for pond landscaping. However, there is something else you may want to consider: a fence. Following are three reasons you might want to incorporate a fence into your pond's landscape design. Read More 

Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard With Modular Leaf Panels

Do you love the look of greenery but suffer from having a brown thumb? Maybe you want to improve your backyard and spend more time there, but you don't want to have to do a lot of gardening or maintenance. Modular leaf panels can give you the look you want without a lot of upkeep. Artificial leaf panels are available that look like different kinds of plants, including ivy, boxwood and ficus. Read More 

Finishing A Railing On An Elevated Deck Without Disrupting The View

Having an elevated deck on your home can provide you with additional living space and a comfortable area to enjoy the outdoor scenery. The railings around your deck are crucial to ensure optimum safety while on the deck, but they can also intrude on the view from the deck. If you have a deck and want a less-intrusive form of railing, you have a few options to consider. Structural Elements Read More 

Fiberglass Fences Are Great For Any Yard

Many people add a simple fence to their yard to mark off their property and separate it from their neighbors. A fence can also make your yard more useful and safe if you have children and pets. You grass lawn will be all the more enjoyable if you can enjoy with a little more safety and privacy. Exterior fences are made out of many different materials, like wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. Read More 

Remove Rust From A Wrought Iron Fence And Protect It From Additional Damage

If the wrought iron fence that surrounds your pool or yard has rust on its surface, learn how to remove it with the following steps. Once you have restored the fence to its original condition, learn how to protect its surface from damage in the future.  Use The Following Materials bucket of soapy water scrub brush  water hose wire brush hand sander  low and fine grit sandpaper naval jelly towel rust inhibiting spray vinyl tarp ​Clean The Fence And Remove Rust Read More 

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Making A Better Fence

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