Making A Better Fence

Comparing Aluminum And Chain Link Fencing

Fencing can fulfill a range of different functions in both residential and commercial settings, from working to provide a simple boundary to keep animals away (or pets in) to preventing theft and damage. Two of the most common types of fences for both residential and commercial purposes are aluminum and chain link fencing, both of which are primarily made out of metal but are constructed differently and carry distinctive material benefits over one another. Read More 

Benefits of Installing a Temporary Chain-Link Fence Around Your Construction Site

If you have recently started up a construction company, you may wonder if there is a better option for marking off the perimeter of a site than a thin, nylon barrier that is easily torn or taken down. If so, consider the following benefits of installing a temporary chain-link fence around your construction site. Increases Security at Your Site If you use a thing nylon barrier around your construction site, it will not do much to protect your equipment and supplies. Read More 

4 Fence Improvement Ideas To Give You Privacy And Practicality

There are many different improvements that can be done to your fence to add privacy, but what if they were also practical solutions? Some of the fence solutions that you may want to consider for privacy and practicality include vertical gardens, built-in seating and lighting for posts. Here are some of the improvements to give your fence privacy and practicality. 1. Electrical Wiring to Provide Lighting for Outdoor Space Electrical wiring is a great improvement to consider for your fencing if you are creating an outdoor living space. Read More 

Breaking Down The Pros And Cons Of Three Fencing Materials

Are you annoyed by people walking across your yard, or that your yard is not secure for your pets and kids? If so, it may be time to install a fence around your property. It can be a big decision trying to figure out which material to use. Here are the pros and cons of several types of fencing materials. Wood It does not matter what kind of wood fence you build, such as a tall panel fence or picket fence, the pros and cons will be the same. Read More 

How To Pick Out A More Durable Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is often seen as a cop-out or a cheap alternative to better fencing options like wood or vinyl. This is a bit of a misconception. While chain-link fencing is never going to look as pristine as a solid oak or maple fence, there are durable, long-lasting chain link options out there. If you're on a budget and need fencing, there's nothing wrong with choosing chain link. But you should know a bit about choosing a chain link fence that will last and offer the features you need. Read More 

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Making A Better Fence

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